Local Color Tattoo Home

All our artists are very versatile and creative. If you’re looking for a peculiar style of tattoo we are sure to have the artist to create it for you.


You can come in to look through our design ideas, bring in your own design, or make an appointment for a unique custom design. Your options are unlimited!

Welcome to Local Color

We provide our clients with a sterile safe comfortable atmosphere with the clients safety being our first priority

We enjoy working with our clients on a very personal level with creating and collaborating original designs, and guiding you to make good choices.

Making the decision to get tattooed can be very scary, we encourage you to look through the artists portfolios and find the artists that is right for you

Our personnel are aware of the potential risks associated with blood borne pathogens and have taken steps to protect their clients and themselves.

WE TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A SAFE CLEAN STERILE environment For your our safety and yours. The staff, have attended and passed seminars on OSHA standards of blood born pathogens, and the prevention of cross contamination prevention and we comply with all health codes provided by The CDC. (Center for Disease Control). We look forward to seeing you.

All needles are single use items that are disposed of in sharps containers at the end of each tattoo. All pigments are dispersed into single use disposable containers and anything else that contacts the skin is either single use or Autoclave Sterilized. With just a little education and some research, you can assure yourself of a safe, professional tattoo. If you enter a shop where the staff isn’t willing to explain their safety precautions to you, leave there.